The Unwar

And Then We Train

After weeks of adventuring the party has made it to Calgary Alberta home of the evil queen who is using a orb of lust to control the lands. About a day before they arrive at calgary alberta they ran into a werewolf queen who unleshed her true form. The great sage Naru and the other sages freeze time and wisk them away to the heavenly traing grounds high up in the sky of the fantsy world.

While up there 3 years of training passed but only 3 hours of normal time occured, the 3 years pass and the party learned more about who they are. Miyamoto learned he is a earth sage who can bend and can use earth to his will, the power that Zanben the Legendary found he was a Fire sage and could make fire his own, and control it. After that Wolfwood and there new pixie friend discovered there true powers, Wolfwood found out he was a celestial and the pixie discovered she is a Sage Wizard a rare wizard breed of person. After there powers were discovered they were granted new powers and then were put back to where they were needed.

Upon arrival they run into there heavenly lady warriors who said they killed the queen while waiting for them.once they reunite they travel to calgary where a young sucubuss approched them with a offer from the queen, they turned it down and then planed a way to get in. Once they reconed the place they saw a large dragon wraped around the city, they then decided to use the new found rock form of miaymotot to make a tunnel and head to the inside of the city. Once there they see a castle of obsidian, the team uses the abuility to shape the walls into a stair case that leads to the queens bedroom.

The Plot Thickens
Big Plot Part

Our team of hero’s have traveled a long distance across unfriendly lands and even to the wall between Kentucky and Tennessee. After a rest the party awoke to missing two people, Zanben and Silvanus. A note was found in there area explaining they were taken for training, thus Wolfwood and Miyamoto were left with the gnome ryu, the dwarf Drake and there newest members Hiari the wizard and Wrath the bard. As the adventures looked around they saw a new city was before them spanning 100’s of miles around they were in the city of the Damned, it was a city that would move and people that went in rarely came out. The team felt it was a priority to go and cleanse the evil from it.

As they went in they heard moans of undead and growls in the streets of this barren old city, as they traveled they saw 4 lizard men walking about lost and starving, thus they attacked the party. The battle was short but fierce as the lizard men went down. But shortly after they ran into some zombies who attacked, wolfwood swiftly used cure spells and turning to weaken and kill some, then the mighty Miyamoto slashed and killed some as well. While this was going on Zanben was being trained by the sage nara and Silvanis was being trained by bahmut himself.Once the zombies were delt with a Red Dragon Zombie lich intervenied and attacked, the battle was hard fought but after one good bite into the cleric Wolfwood his cross shone with a brightness and a angel appered and slayed the dragon in a might swing. She later huged and went into wolfwood, as she did the city vanished and they found a chest with a useful item for each of them.

The Start of a Adventure

So the story begins when our hero’s meet under the request of Ryu Hazak a gnome who works for the U.S.A.A and was informed to gather these hero’s from across the world. All the hero’s gathered in the state Oh city of Ware at the bar of Ancey’s, the gnome wasted no time giveing them supplies and details and there first mission to the small town of mrion that had a raider camp of 20 that had the target Ralta Suma. When the hero’s arrived they quickly fought with Ralta and defeted him, they then explored what was left of the raiders base and they see a tied up female wizard. When they remove her ball gag she awoke and casted a spell of black tentacles on the party and broke free of her chains.

She informed the party to leave her be if they were not part of the raiders, she then left as she did the gnome Ryu Hazak tried to attack her but was hit hard to where he was blinded by the hawk, but the cleric Wolfwood rushed to his aid and healed his eyes. The rest of the team finished up and went back to Ware to regroup and figure out what to do next. As they waited each member had a thing of excited adventures. Soveliss Drago had a vision thanks to the Elven Dream ale from 1802 that showed the female wizard they let run away gathered 5 orbs of power that fused into her turning her into a red dragon. Zanben bought a nice tunic that was cursed but helpfull. And the dear cleric Wolfwood discover a cross that holds the soul of a angel who says she talks to god and can help him in his quest.

Once the team re grouped Ryu brought a new Member a samurai from japan who was appointed to help the team. After some quick introductions Soveliss Drago told the party of his vision, Ryu heard of one of the orbs in a place called Tennessee but to get there they would have to go through Kentucky which is under a war between two factions The Rangers and The Ravens but in the shadows is a third faction readying a army to take them both down for there technology.

See you next time same place same channel


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